Renewal of Vows


I would like to congratulate you on wishing to renew your wedding vows.  This may form part of a wedding anniversary celebration or to celebrate the love you have for each other.  A Renewal of Vows Ceremony has no legal requirement. Apart from a few simple guidelines, there is no right or wrong way to conduct the ceremony to renew your wedding vows. The Renewal of Wedding Vows Ceremony may also be known as a Re-Affirmation Ceremony.

It is important that the ceremony is a reflection of who you really are and what your union means to you and your partner. You may wish your vows to reflect your original wedding ceremony or develop your own distinct celebration ceremony. If you decide to write your own vows I will assist you with some examples. A basic guide for writing renewal vows may commence with the number of years you have been together, you may wish to reflect on the good times and bad, what is important about your partner, thinking about special memories and what they mean to you both. As you may reflect on the past, and the present, it is important to look at what hopes or dreams you have for the future journey as a couple and/or family.

Your ceremony is meaningful, personal and unique to your relationship and will reflect the love within your marriage. This is a wonderful time to renew the promises you made to one another and a celebration of your love.

I believe it is important for you to be comfortable with the celebrant and invite you arrange an obligation free meeting with me to discuss your ceremony ideas. If you decide to proceed, it would be a privilege for me to help you create a personal, professional and unique ceremony that is meaningful to you. Please remember this is Your Ceremony designed your way to give you “Amazing Memories for Life”.
I thank you for your interest; I look forward to meeting with you, so that we can discuss your special day.